Why a SEO and Digital Marketing consultant is key to your business

So your looking for a Digital Marketing consultant?

lets start with the why you are looking for a marketing consultant? 

‘My online business isn’t getting enough traffic’ or ‘My stores footfall is so low’ These are questions Digital Marketing consultants can often answer.

Almost all businesses utilise an online marketing strategy, simply because the target audience we all strive to entice, now use google and other search engines to find a website or service to research before they buy.

What can Digital Marketing Consultants do? 

Too much! There are countless ways digital marketing consultants can help, trying to do this yourself will lead you down the preverbal rabbit whole and I promise you… you will get lost.

From providing a marketing strategy, online SEO, PPC (Pay-per-click) ads to Analytics and Analysis. We have a range of tools and resources to look at your business goals and help you promote the best marketing strategy for your customers and your business goals.

Here are a few topics to touch on:

Why do I need an online Marketing strategy

Thank you for asking! Without a clear defined marketing strategy that best utilises your business’s skills and expertise along with the goals you define as a data or KPI that can lead to your success. You will find your performance, sales and brand stagnate or even decline.

We can help you create a digital marketing strategy that brings your business in line with online successes multiple other companies are achieving and creates a focus in your advertising goals that you are likely missing if you are reading this now.

What is an online marketing Strategy

An Online Marketing Strategy is a series of defined goals we set out for your brand and company, setting out tasks, budgets and timeframes that encourage growth in your goals.

A online marketing strategy may have business goals such as:

Examples Of Increasing Traffic To My Website.

With this goal, we may look at SEO or search engine optimisation. The aim here is to grow your website traffic by increasing your google search rank and leveraging more relevant keywords to your business and who your target audience is.

Increase in Search Rank = Increases in traffic.


Examples Of Increasing My Product Sales.

With this goal. We may check you are utilising all online assets such as, google merchant centre, product schemas and PPC.

These all allow google and you to accurately understand what products your are offering and their benefits, and create dedicated strategies to market them to different target audiences.

More targeted information = More efficient sales.


Examples Of Increasing Footfall To My Store.

With this goal, we need a two pronged strategy utilising two channels customers and clients for access your expertise, services or products you have on sale.

I utilise website SEO and Google business profiles to cover both your in depth searchers and your location searches like “digital marketing near me”.

Increasing local relevancy and brand awareness = More footfall to your store

What kind of Digital Marketing consultant should I Hire then?

Hiring a digital marketing specialist can be difficult if you don’t know what you need or what you want. There are generally two types of digital Marketing consultancy. A digital marketing agencies and freelance digital marketing consultants, like myself

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

Hiring a digital marketing agency is one way to achieve your goals if you are a large business.

The Pro: they have huge amounts of resources to call upon and if you find one that also covers web development that you are in for a easy ride.

The con: The cost. With these huge resources comes large overheads that they have to meet. If you are a large business with a big advertising budget then these are the teams for you.

Should I hire a freelance digital marketing consultant?

Yes! A freelance marketing consultant expert can help you and can be very cost effective, with the same knowledge base as other digital agencies.

The Pro: A freelance digital marketing consultant doesn’t come with all the overheads, so we are perfect for smaller start up companies or smaller companies who are struggling to get ahead.

The con: We probably don’t have the time or the resources to manager large companies.

How to hire are digital marketing consultancy specialist

Hiring a digital marketing consultant couldn’t be easier. Simply type in google “freelance digital marketing consultant services” or click here!

A successful digital marketing consultant can help by firstly understanding your business, on first contact simply give them your contact details and your website, if you have one, along with what goals you are struggling to achieve.

Before you start looking

benchmark your sales data and define a clear target set out that you want to achieve.

A successful digital marketing consultant can help by firstly understanding your business, on first contact simply give them your contact details and your website, if you have one, along with what goals you are struggling to achieve.

Some marketing consultants may ask for an initial meeting to better understand your business needs. This is perfectly normal and there should be no strings attached to this. They should then be able to put together a marketing strategy that can get you started with growth.

When talking to your marketing consultant be curious

Ask questions! they should know why they are suggesting the services they are offering and be able to explain it. If babble or steer you away from the question, they probable don’t have that knowledge and its unlikely going to be right for your business’s success.

Ask your marketing consultant for reports that you understand

There are hundreds of tools and analytics that can help businesses and it can be overwhelming seeing a report 50 pages long. I find a good process is to ask for data that directly correlates to your success, and then they can add a couple more data metrics to support those further.

Now you have a strategy that compliments your expertise in your industry and provides a campaign for growth, with a budget that looks good to you. Its time to have a more in depth meeting as a client.

Understand what your marketing consultant is offering

I always make sure I explain what I am planning to do and why I am doing it. If my clients better understand even a basic knowledge of digital marketing campaigns and strategies, they will have the knowledge to confidently say this marketing budget it promoting growth and helping achieve their targets.

If you are looking to hire a digital marketing consultant for your small business that is affordable, click here.

How much do digital marketing consultants cost?

The cost of hiring a digital marketing consultant can range from £100 a month to £1500 a month and beyond.



Most freelance digital marketing consulting services are done on an hourly basis. The services you get are going to be determined to what your business is about and how large your business is.


If your business is smaller, you will likely pay less as the cost/benefit ratios will start to bleed off as you start getting into more technical analytics.


The best performance for small businesses is to focus on the largest impactful marketing channels, mainly SEO and Local SEO. This process can increase your search growth from Rank 13 to Rank 1 if done correctly.


If you are a small business and your consultant is asking you to redesign your whole site to meet every core web vital, this is going to be costly and only effect your rank when search engines have to define which site is better with equal content performance. Not helpful if you are at rank 12.


However, If you are a big company and ranking 2nd in search focusing on core web vitals could be what gets you from rank 2 to rank 1 with a hefty increase in traffic, clients and customers.



A good digital marketing consultant will range from £250 to £500 per month


I believe this is a realistic figure for freelance digital marketing consultancy as a consultant with the right knowledge can cover each base of all marketing campaigns that get your brand in front of people.


You will find agencies out there offering services from £99, just be aware, you wont get much more than a monthly report and a blog post and 1 or 2 poor backlinks, even the monthly meeting they offer will likely be them trying to sell you bigger and bigger packages.

Digital Marketing Strategy

What tools and strategies are used for marketing strategies?


There are countless tools for marketing strategies that a consultant might use. Each one has their own benefit and should be the right digital marketing campaign for you. I break these down into 3 main marketing channels.

Content Strategy

A content strategy that digital marketing consulting services may use could be SEO, Social Media campaigns, email marketing, brand awareness campaigns. All use content marketing in some for to boost your brand and grow your customer base.

This content marketing strategy is a core part of a business and should be a go to for any new businesses starting up.

Technical Strategy

Technical Strategies are a kind of supportive roll in advertising. They create the basis for your other strategies to perform well. These services range from Ensuring your website is crawlable and linking, boosting website performance, like core web vitals, to increasing you E.A.T, via backlinks and authors.

Aside from ensuring a site is crawlable (which is the number 1 task for a SEO marketing consultant), Technical strategies usually will come second. This is because once you have great content on your website, you can now boost its performance.

Paid Campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns are a channel for businesses to use to promote growth. Some businesses are entirely sales orientated, only utilising paid campaigns as their preferred form of marketing.

This marketing channel can be expensive though, as you will pay for a digital marketing consultant to build your PPC campaigns and manage them, along with paying for the advertising costs.

Oh and if your thinking “Can I save money doing Google Ads myself?”, Unlikely, most companies I have seen try this, loose thousands of pounds because they have set it up without understanding how it works and how to manage it.

Hire a digital marketing consultant to manage your paid advertising campaigns and it will likely lead to more cost efficient advertising and better ROI (return on Investment).

Getting bored yet? Focus on what you are good at and let me focus on what I am good at, click here.

What tools are used for SEO and marketing strategies


Trying it out yourself or want to understand more of what a digital marketing consultant does? There is a huge list of tools out there that can be used and they all have their own learning curves and benefits. Here is a list of some of the tools I have used:

  • SEMrush, great allrounder – £££

  • Ahrefs, great allrounder – £££

  • SurferSEO, great for content + up and coming SEO Audits – £

  • SEO Site Checkup, Great for SEO Auditing and keywords – £

What do I use? I use SurferSEO, it sees to be the most cost efficient for a Freelance Digital Marketing consultant and for small businesses.

There are many other tools out there so if these don’t work for you, try another. Many digital marketing tools have beginner offers that can help you get started on your growth plans.

As I am writing this blog post, I am using SurferSEOs Growflow free to use account.

What is the State of the Digital Marketing Market?

Each year there are more and more marketing consultants and businesses entering the industry. Understandably it is getting more and more difficult for Customers and Clients to decide who is the right choice for them.



In addition, the number of tools is growing significantly in the industry, including tools that try to cheat googles systems like AI content writers, put a couple of keywords in and tell it what kind of post you want and bobs your uncle, a perfectly written SEO Post.



Thankfully Google has caught on to these AI content writing services and released update that can recognise them and down rank their potential. Be sure to ask if your digital marketing consultant uses AI written content.



A digital marketer is never going to be the same from one company to another. So shop around to find a company or freelancer that works well for you and bring you some confidence in what you are paying for.



There are no guarantees in Marketing and SEO Services can take up to 6 months to reach full potential in building the leads, clients and audience you hoping to connect with your branding.



On top of all this, google can make algorithm changes that completely scupper your plans. leaving you scratching your head and asking “why have I spent all this money on digital marketing for growth when I’m back where I started”.



If your marketing consultant is good, they wont be scratching their heads, they will be calling on all the skills and expertise they have, to crawl the web and find out why the strategy didn’t work or what could have caused it to be altered.



Still reading? Go get a Digital Marketing consultant already! No? fine… keep reading then.

Case study of allenconsultancy GA4 Analytics

Examples of good digital marketing consultancy

Now I want to use this post as an example of the skills and expertise digital marketing consultants like myself can provide as service. Throughout this post, I have used SurferSEO as my preferred system to connect myself to you.

My aim for this blog post has been to increase traffic to my site, with this increased traffic, I’m looking to build backlinks and generate leads for clients like yourself, this is because my freelance business is still new to the industry and like you I need to apply a good marketing strategy for growth.

Do I work alone? No, I have friends all across the industry that help me and my clients achieve the transformation in their brand, and create a robust process that generate leads and sales through various digital channels.

Who is my target audience and best kind of client? Small business! This is simply because the skills I have don’t extend practically to businesses that are at the stage of competing for 1 or 2 ranks on page one, You will need a skilled developer involved in this type of digital marketing consultancy. Not to mention I like backing the underdog!

My digital marketing strategy to build my business consists of:

  1. Be my own digital marketing consultant

  2. Website build

  3. Set up Analytics, you need to understand the digital digital side of your business

  4. Decide on my marketing channels that best bring in clients. SEO and Content

  5. Understand my market competition to target areas they are missing

  6. Content Marketing, write blogs and promote on social media

  7. Site audits, build links, backlinks and build branding

  8. Reach out for leads and try to connect with those struggling in search

  9. Be amazing for clients and go above expectation, build testimonial and reviews

  10. Build landing pages that compliment my market and target audience

  11. Use Paid advertising such as PPC Ads (you often get some free credits when you sign up. don’t waste them!)

  12. 3-6 months gain 300 users per month.

So at the time of writing this, where am I at with my freelancing digital marketing business? Currently it is 3 days in, I have 2 clients with I believe a 3rd on the way. Which is great! but I want more.

Its a business I am completely fascinated with and each new client and business I have worked with has been different and interesting in its own right.

You lasted this long? Are you crazy?! This blog is over 3000 words long has over 25 headings and I’ve no idea how many paragraphs (73)! All this is worth it though when we see the traffic it can bring in in the long run.

More information on digital marketing consultancy

SurferSEO has done content analysis of other digital marketing consultancy sites from blogs to digital marketing consultancy sites. This gives my a breakdown of the top keywords being used and gives guidance on how best to apply them in my own content in a way the help push blog above the rest.

It can say how much is too little or too much for a keyword usage given how other sites have ranked.

P.S shout out to SurferSEO if they want to link to my post!

Here is a list of what I have focused on using Surfer SEOs free Grow Flow plan.

  • Keywords usage

  • Heading usage

  • Terms

  • Structure

  • Images

  • Word count (Why did I pick a 3000+ keyword for my first post?!)

  • Content Score (This is so helpful!)

Digital marketing consulting is a tough business. Its rife with competition and takes a full time job to understand how best to utilise digital marketing resources and stay on top of the ever changing landscape that business must navigate.

Hiring a dedicate digital marketing consultant can help you achieve success without compromising your time which should be spent overseeing the business as a whole.

If you have found this post via social media or search then I have done my job well and if you have read this far?! I’m probably the best content writer and consultant the world has ever known.

If you are a small business with a budget that isn’t endless, but a desperation to gain clients, customers and growth. fill out my contact form and see how I can help you rise against your competitors.

So do my business and yours a favour and act on this post, be it link to it, contact me for services or just tell me what a good job I’ve done, so I can carry on telling my wife I’m ‘working’ when she asks me to hoover up.

And pray to the gods I never have to write another 3000 word blog post ever again.

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